Dream Weaver

Meet the Owner

Dream Weaver Creations, LLC was started by father, husband, and Baltimore native Devin Hickson. Even though Devin is from a middle-class Baltimore two-parent household, he saw his fair share of challenges throughout his own formative years, but also through the experiences of some of his immediate peers and close friends. 

Dreaming Big

Post graduating from college and obtaining his master’s he searched for a way to give back to those whose dreams had been derailed or delayed. It started with the untimely passing of one of his close friends, Peyton . He and Peyton would often chat about making things better for not only themselves and their families, but talked about creating some kind of platform that would help others. After becoming a new father and husband, Devin settled on Children’s book Daddy Hero to be the first creative endeavor from Dream Weaver, and has proven himself a one of Baltimore’s best black authors of children’s books. Since that time he has become involved in several other creative spaces.

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Our Philosophy



“Where Dreams Become Creations” Dream Weaver was started as a simple outlet for Devin’s creative content ideas. Dream Weaver is committed to producing high-quality creative content in all of its various forms. D.W.C. is essentially the vehicle for others like Devin, to find an outlet for their creative passions. The company absolutely loves creatives and through various collaborative efforts creates a medium where new ideas and talent translate to distributed content against multiple platforms. 



We try to strike a balance between allowing our creators to work within their creative process in order to maximize their unique energy. We believe that when creativity is fostered the clients are the ones who truly benefit from something amazing. People are at the heart of what we do and we prioritize their stories, and their gifts over profit, which sets us apart from other players in the creative media agency space. Collaboration, integrity, and respect are of the utmost importance of what we seek to do and invite others to partner with us and embark on a fantastic journey to push the boundaries of content creation.